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  • 16-17th Apr

    PowerAll Networks Ltd. (PA) participated in “China Smart City Exhibition” in Shenzhen on April 16 2016. PA had technical presentation on PHD device interfaces (IEEE 11073)、M2M、IOT Discovery with Open Mobile Alliance(OMA). Life demo on two applications(Scales,Independent Health Care)was held. Technology on how to do data acquisition, cloud platform to laaS framework, large data, cluster collaboration of applications were discussed. Presentation aroused much interest and customer enquiries were received.

  • 23th Jan

    Mr. Steve Hui, Power-All Networks’ Founder & President, was keynote speaker, panelist and round table participant for the “Innovation and Breakthrough Forum 2016” organized by Co-operatives of Innovative Intellectuals and HK Science Park Corp in Hong Kong on Jan 23rd. Mr. Hui introduced the new generation of e-Commerce that uplift the retention rate over ten or more times based on the advanced “Tagging” and “Inter-Cloud” technology on the social networking platform. The approach release the dependence on central platform and hence gives the owner / operator ultimate control of his e-Commerce business and maintain much profit. Mr. Hui also shared his ideas re Identifying Innovation, Measurement of Success and Capital Market in the panel and roundtable discussion. He mentioned about the need for collaboration amongst Companies as to offer most value to customers, devoted team members, leverage on merits between Hong Kong and mainland China should always be considered to maximize the impact. Audiences were much impressed and had much dialogue on the ideas.

  • 24th Nov

    Mr. Steve Hui, PowerAll Networks' Founder & President, was invited as Panelist in the Session of "Perspective of the Technology Investors" during the Hong Kong International Computer Conference 2015 on Nov 24th. Mr. Hui mentioned about the latest eCommerce from PowerAll is of PXP viral social nature. The hit rate can raise up from the current 2-3 per thousand to 200 or above per thousand using PA's tagging and indexing technology. Mr. Hui mentioned about the importance of creativity, technology breakthrough and market with NO boundaries. Investors are eager to join should these parameters are met. Audience are much motivated and have much inter-active dialogue during the session

  • 1st-3rd Nov

    Power-All Networks Ltd. attended the 3rd Cloud Computing Expo on Nov.1st to 3rd in Huizhou, Guangdong, China to display Inter-Cloud Eco System, Agent Portal (multi-tier, multi-tenant portal),ODVLL(On Demand Virtual Lease Line), Cloud Farm(automated generation of different types of private clouds) and Inter-flow technologies. The various technologies generated much interest and Power-All are highly regarded as the leading pioneer in the Inter-Cloud technologies by visitors. Gallery(1), Gallery(2), Gallery(3)

  • 7th Oct

    Mr. Steve Hui, President & Founder, of PowerAll Networks Ltd., gave a presentation entitled "Inter-Flow Data Center (IFDC) for Cloud & Inter-Cloud with QOS, Simplicity and Cost Reduction" on Oct 7th in Cloud Application Forum in Taiwan. Audiences were much enthuiastic on IFDC technology which provides QOS to meet market demand, simplicity and cost reduction help much in IDC operation. Gallery

  • 19th Sep

    Mr. Peter So, Vice President and Mr. Raymond Huang, R&D Director of Power-All Networks Ltd., delivered speeches respectively in the IDC Expo Forum on Sept 19th, 2014 in Guangzhou, China.

    Mr. So presented a speech entitled as" Easy & Risk Free: Entering Global Market (Services/Apps) by using Inter-Cloud Technology/Platform ", PA demonstrated the fast deployment of offering global cloud services through its Agent Portal, a tool to offer multi-tier, multi-tenant sales of resources, applications and services. Operators of AP have fast access to global resources through PA’s global Inter-cloud platform. No investment on resources, fast deployment, global access, multiple brands, are merits of AP that have much audience attraction to appreciate the AP technology.

    Mr.Huang’s speech title is "Next Generation IDC : Inter-Flow Data Center (IFDC)".The speech impressed audiences with PA's innovative and breakthrough Inter-Flow technology of cost saving, ease of operation, data security and QOS availability. Several IDC projects were brought up and discussed after the speech. Gallery

  • 4th Sep

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder & President, of PowerAll Networks Ltd., and PowerAll Networks Ltd. were awarded "Leader" and "Innovation" Awards respecitively by Asia Pacific Cloud Application Alliance on Sept 4th, 2014 in Intelligent City Forum in Shenzhen, China. "Leader" award is to recognize Steve Hui's long time effort in the development and promotion of Inter-Cloud technology which has been endorsed by various world's national organizations. "Innovation" Award is to recognize the various new services offered in the market based on PowerAll Networks' technologies. They are of highly commercial value to uplift user experience tremendously. Gallery

  • 2nd-5th Sep

    Power-All Networks Ltd. attended the "2014 Intelligent City Exhibition" on Sept 2 - 5th, 2014 in Shenzhen, China. Display, video show and demonstration of PA Inter-Cloud technologies used in Intelligent City attracted much visitors. Visitors were impressed on the various advancement of efficiency, convenience, data analysis based on Inter-Cloud platform.

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder & President, of PowerAll Networks Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "New Generation IDC : Inter-Flow Data Center (IFDC)" in the Intelligent City Forum on Sept 4th, 2014 in Shenzhen, China. Audience were impressed on the cost saving, ease of operation, data security and QOS availability, provided by PA's Inter-Flow technology. Several IDC projects were brought up and discussed after the speech.

  • 10th Jun

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder of PowerAll Networks Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "Inter-Flow IDC, The Principle and Architecture of a new breed of IDC" in HKColo's Safari event in Hong Kong on June 10th 2014. The two wire ring approach simplifies the cabling, the high speed I/O enables normal disk to perform SAN storage function. The overall saving in investment, power, and operation are revolutionary. Audiences showed much enthusiasm to this revolutionary approach. Conference and Gallery

  • 24th May

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder & CEO of PowerAll Networks Ltd.signed an MOU with Sotelco (Beeline), holder of 3G and 4G licences in Cambodia to provide subscribers with access to the most advanced 4G premium services and connection to ASEAN data hubs. Technology is provided by PA, pioneer of Inter-Cloud eco system, to fulfill the need of market for real time, user initiated, defined, generated video multicast networks and content, roaming anywhere in the world to anyone.

  • 14th May

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder and CEO of Power-All Networks, was given prestigious award as Technology Provider with Hutchison (HGC) for the Business Service Innovation Award on May 14th, 2014 in London by Global Telecoms Business magazine. HGC's winning project is ibizCloud service with on-demand public and private connectivity. IbizCloud provides cloud computing services that include infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) and Bandwidth-as-a-Service (BaaS) plus value-added cloud services such as Dedicated Bandwidth-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and On-demand Virtual Lease Line (ODVLL). HGC was amongst the world's first telecoms operators to offer ODVLL, and PA was the pioneer provider of the technology. (ODVLL is one of the major technology for Inter-Cloud Exchange Center.) The Award and the endorsement of Hutchison, one of the world's leading telcos, re-enforce Power-All Networks as the leading technology provider of Inter-Cloud Eco System in the industry.

  • 13th Apr

    Kick Off Ceremony of "Inter-Cloud Competition" was arranged during the Forum of Inter-Cloud Applications and Intelligent Cities hosted by Asia Cloud Applications Alliance on April 13rd 2014. The Inter-Cloud Competition was organized by World Wide Inter-Cloud Association with sponsorship from PowerAll Networks Ltd., and Asia IDC Allicance. It is also supported by China Dragon telecom, HKColo, IPTP (Europe). Purpose of competition is to promote awareness and appliations from general public and IT personnel. There are two phase, first phase is for Q & A, second phase is for solicitating paper on relevant inter-cloud technologies. Winners from the selection panel will be given award on Dec 10th, 2014. For more details: and Gallery

  • 13th Apr

    Steve Hui, Founder & President of PowerAll Networks, gave a speech titled "Trend of Inter-Cloud & Its Implications" in the Asia Pacific Cloud Applications & Smart City Forum during the ICT Exhibition held in Hong Kong on April 13rd 2014. Idea of having Inter-Cloud Network to solve the demarcation problems of linking different telcos together was highly appraised by audiences. The Inter-Cloud Network virtualizes the physical computing resources, physical network, and inter-resources management and execution, across all 10 new OSI layers, and from client end to client end. It works on demand, near real time, provisioning of dedicated paths. Audiences were amazed by the idea and merits of inter-cloud technologies.

  • 10th Apr

    Power-All Networks Limited attended the 2014 China IDC meeting organized by ICW at Hotel Nikko New Century on April 10th, 2014. Power-All was awarded “IDC Most Influential Enterprise in Year 2014”, Mr. Steve Hui, President of PA, was awarded “IDC Contributor in Year 2014”. More than 500 IDC and IT industry relevant enterprises and professionals attended the meeting. Gallery

  • 26th Mar

    Along with Hong Kong Micro Film Academy, PowerAll (PA) formed joint working team in Hong Kong with CCTV Micro Film Channel to promote Micro Film Industry initially in Asia then expand to the world. Content from countries are to be transported using PA's inter-cloud technologies. Celebration Dinner was held on March 26th, 2014 in Hong Kong. Participants from PA's inter-cloud partners, film industry, micro film producers from over ten countries attended the dinner. Participants agreed that with latest technologies from PA, the growth of the industry is to be accelerated.

  • 20th-22nd Mar

    PowerAll (PA) as a inter-cloud technology provider and partner to China Broadcast Cable Company (CCBC) participated in CCBN Exhibition from March 20th to 22nd in Beijing. The booth illustrated how PA's inter-cloud technology help CCBC's BGP nationwide network be more flexible, share global resources with manageable, controllable Agent Portal (AP). Visitors were impressed about the PA'a inter-cloud technologies. Gallery

  • 14th Dec

    Power-All / Foxconn participated in the Fourth session of National Postdoctor of Computer Science Forum on Dec 14th in Dongguan, Guangdong. Mr Peter So, VP of Power-All Networks, shared the cutting-edge inter-cloud concept as well as the multi-tenant, multi-layer distribution portal (Agent Portal) with all the representatives from both enterprises and academies. Audiences were very impressed in the Inter-Cloud Ecosystem and its outstanding solutions. Award of "Inter-cloud Computing Application Promotion" was given to Power-All for its contribution to the development of Inter-cloud computing.  Gallery

  • 19th Nov

    Peter So, VP of Power-All Networks, delivered a speech entitled "Inter-Cloud, Wireless, On Demand Virtual Lease Line" in the Asia Wireless Cloud Applications Forum on Nov 19th, 2013 in Shenzhen, China. Video on the OD-VLL and one of its services (i-Sharing) were shown. Audience showed much interest on the service which are to be widely used in our daily lives. Award of "Distinguished Cloud Service Portal" was given to PowerAll for its outstanding Agent Portal product. Gallery

  • 17th Nov

    Steve Hui, Founder / President, delivered a speech entitled "Technological Development in Inter-Cloud and its application in Intelligent City" in China Smart City Development Summit Forum held in Shenzhen, China on Nov 17th, 20013. Much interest among the audiences were generated in the basic features of efficient use of resources, sharing of data and applications. This Inter-Cloud approach help to solve a long term problem about low usage of too many duplication of resources centers.

  • 1st-3rd Nov

    Power-All / Foxconn participated in the HuiZhou Cloud Expo on Nov 1st - 3rd in HuiZhou, Guangdong.   Two speeches on Agent / Application Portal, and the success story of Changzhou Intelligent City were delivered.   Audiences were very impressed in the completeness, and ease of deployment using AP to build own branded Global Inter-Cloud portal, and the inter-cloud features of sharing resources, disaster recovery  and central template library based on Inter-Cloud infra-structure of Changzhou Intelligent City.  Gallery

  • 30th-31st Oct

    Power-All participated in the HKConnect event organized by HKColo on Oct 30th - 31st in Hong Kong.  Our Founder President Mr. Steve Hui delivered a speech entitled "Trend of Inter-Cloud Applications" of which much interest was generated amongst the participants.  

  • 26th AUG

    Steve Hui and PowerAll Networks (PA) were the selected winner for the three awards given by Asia Pacific Cloud Applications Association (APCA) in the Computer Telecom Exhibition in Hong Kong on August 26, 2013. Steve Hui, Founder of PA, won the Innovative Individual Award, PA won the two awards for Best Solution Award and Best Appllication Award respectively. Steve Hui, Founder, thank the industry to recognize for his dedication and contribution to the IT industry. Peter So, VP of PA, thank, on behalf of PA, for the nomination and appreciate the IT professionals for the recognition of technological advances by Inter-Cloud technology. Gallery

  • 08th JuLY

    True, Thailand, cloud partner of Power-All Networks and user of PA's inter-cloud technology in its inter-cloud service offerings has been awarded "Year 2013 Best Infrastructure as a Service Vendor of the Year" in Thailand. For detail, please refer to link : Power-All is pleased on True's award as it is one of many global reputable awards received for the recognition of Power-All's technological advances in Inter-Cloud technology. Reference: [PDF] and Gallery

  • 29th Jun

    Power-All is the leading technology provider in the inauguration ceremony of the Asean New Media Alliance on June 29th, 2013 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Media related companies from 11 countries / regions to include CCTV (China), True (Thailand), ComClark (Phillippine), Hong Kong Satellie, Media Corp/1 -Net (Singapore), etc. of the Asean and Asia countries were represented.

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder & President of PowerAll Network Ltd., delivered a speech entitled The “Live Era” and its disruptive value to Telco, TV, businesses and our lives" was well accepted and much impressed by the audience on the On-Demand Virtual Lease Line (OD-VLL), Inter-Cloud eco system that based on PowerAll technologies. PA Company video was played in Cambodia Chapter of Malaysia Chamber Of Commerce, to address the latest technology trend in IT industry. Reference: [PDF] and Gallery

  • 28th Jun

    Power-All was awarded “Inter-Cloud Innovation Award” on June 28, 2013 by APCA (Asia Pacific Cloud Apps) in Communic Macau.  PA Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology, Mr. Frank Ou, delivered a speech entitled “Inter-Cloud Business Opportunities” and the subsequent forum were enthusiastically received by the audience. Gallery

  • 18th Jun

    Power-All Senior Consultant, Mr. Henry Wu, delivered a speech entitled “How Inter-Cloud technologies be applied in Intelligent City” on June 18, 2013 during  the 8th China (Canton) RFID and Logistic Networks and Cloud Computation Exhibition in Canton.  The speech along with life case of Intelligent City of Changzhou, Jiangsu was much impressed by the audience. Gallery

  • 29th May

    Power-All Networks President Mr. Steve Hui was invited as distinguished speaker to deliver a speech on "Inter-Cloud in China market' in "Data Centers Europe 2013 Conference" held in Nice, France on May 29, 2013. Event was attended by over 1200 experts from IT industry and data centers from Europe. Gallery

  • 9th May

    Mr. Steve Hui, Founder of PowerAll Networks, gave a speech entitled " New Era for IDC : Inter-Cloud enabled Real Time Big Data" in an event named Safari organized by HKColo, one of the leading IDC in Hong Kong on May 9th, 2013. With bandwdith availabilty, change of user pattern to video centric, uploading and sharing, Power-All Network's inter-cloud infrastructure, On Demand Virtual Lease Line, Inter Content Delivery Cloud, PA Operating Systems, have solutions for IDC, telcos to capture the mega growth business in this emerging market. Attendees were impressed on the new vision presented and the enabling technologies by Power-All Newtworks.

    Mr. Peter So, VP of Power-All Networks, and Director of Worldwide Inter-Cloud Association, gave a speech to introduce Worldwide Inter-Cloud Association on its objective of having a platform for individual or companies that are interested to share inter-cloud technologies & experience. Collaboration among members are encouraged and facilitated.
    Email: & Scretarary General:

  • 24th Apr

    Power-All Networks Ltd. Was awarded “2012-2013 Cloud Computing Best Solution Award” in “China Data Center Industry Conference 2013” event organized by China IDC Industry committee on April 24th, 2013 in Beijing.  Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll Networks Ltd., was invited as distinguished speaker and delivered a speech entitled “Inter-Cloud Based Real Time Media Live”.PA's proclamation of uplifting the emphasis from Point to Plain, from single device to Inter-Cloud, user experience without boundaries, were overwhelmingly received by attendees. Gallery

  • 13rd-16th Apr

    Power-All Networks, Inter-Cloud operators and leading IT professionals formed "Worldwide Inter-Cloud Association" and had its founding dinner on April 13rd, the first opening day of largest Asia ICT Show in Hong Kong. Mr. Steve Hui (Founder & President of PowerAll Networks) is the founding President. Mr. HL Cheung (GM, Foxconn TMSBG Division), Mr. Vladimir Kangin (Co-Founder of IPTP Networks), Mr. Li Guo Ping (GM, China Dragon), Mr. Janewit Kraprayoon (GM, True Data Center Co, Thailand), Mr. William Wai (GM, Executive Senior VP of HKColo, Hong Kong) are the Directors.

    Over twenty IT professional societies / associations were represented in the event. Mission of the Association is to promote dialogue, share information on Inter-Cloud technologies and industry trend, to foster possible collaboration amongst members. Membership are free and open to individual, enterprises that are interested to help to promote the Mission of the Association. Contact: Website:

    Power-All Networks Limited attended the largest Asia ICT Exhibition in Hong Kong from April 13rd to 16th. Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll Networks, delivered a speech entitled " Inter-Cloud Eco System and Business Opportunities" aroused much interest amongst the audience. Visitors and ASP, ISP, telcos, carriers visited PA booth and showed much interest in the Inter-Cloud eco system and the various products, namely, RMOS (morphing OS), OD-VLL (On Demand Virtual Lease Line), ICDC (Inter-Content Delivery Cloud), AP (Agent Portal), WiKi Template Library, Soho Cloud, Media Cloud on Inter-Cloud platform. Gallery

  • 17th-18th Jan

    Power-All Networks Limited was awarded “2012 IDC Cloud Computing Solution Service Award”and “2012 IDC Technology Innovation Service Award” in “2012 China IDC Industry Annual Meeting” organized by China IDC Industry Committee on Jan 17th, 2013 in Beijing. Mr. Steve Hui, President of Power-All Networks Ltd., was invited as distinguished speaker and delivered a speech entitled “Inter-Cloud and Value Added Business to IDC”. Power-All showed the Inter-Cloud Eco System to include CCP, RMOS, Agent Portal, OD-PAVLL, Penta Box, Soho Cloud, Media Cloud and Video Surveillance. PA's proclamation of uplifting the emphasis from Point to Plain, from single device to Inter-Cloud, user experience without boundaries, were overwhelmingly received by visitors. Gallery

  • 19th Dec

    Power-All Networks Ltd. Was awarded “IDC Operational Management Excellent Product Award inYear 2012” and “IDC Operational Management Best Solution Award in Year 2012” in the “Year 2012 China IDC Construction, Maintenance and Customer Service Conference” organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Information Industry Association and China Data Center Industry Alliance on Dec 19th, 2012 in Beijing.

    Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll Networks Ltd., was invited as distinguished speaker to deliver a speech entitled “Inter-Cloud Computing on “3 Extremes” of IDC: ( Extreme Efficiency, Extreme Revenue, Extreme Reliability)”. Much interest on PowerAll’s Inter-Cloud technologies were received from the 200 attending IDC professionals. Gallery

  • 14th-15th Dec

    PowerAll attended China Internet Annual Meeting Exhibition in Guangzhou, China on Dec 14 -15th, 2012 to demo the Inter-Cloud Eco System to include CCP, RMOS, Agent Portal, OD-PAVLL., Penta Box, Soho Cloud, Media Cloud, and Video Surveillance. PA's proclamation of uplifting the emphasis from Point to Plain, from single device to Inter-Cloud, user experience without boundaries, were overwhelmingly received by the visitors. Gallery

  • 7th Dec

    PowerAll Networks Ltd. was present award entitled " Inter-Cloud Innovative Technology and Applications" in the "China Cloud Innovation & Intelligent Terminal Summit 2012" organized by Shenzhen Cloud Computing Association and Shenzhen Mobile Telecommunication Association on Dec. 7th, 2012. Mr. Peter So, Vice President of PowerAll Networks Ltd. present a speech entitled "Inter-Cloud Eco System and Applications" which was well received by participants as innovative and breakthrough ideas for the emerging Network Service Economy.

  • 1st-2nd Dec

    Powerall Networks Ltd. Was awarded “Emerging New Innovative Enterprises of Strategic Value in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Forum organized by the Academy of Macroeconomic Research (AMR) in Beijing on Dec 1st to 2nd, 2012. Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll Networks, gave a speech entitled “Disruiptive Value to Innovative Enterprises by Inter-Cloud Computing” which was highly praised by Government leaders and participating enterprises. Gallery

  • 15th-16th Nov

    Mr. Peter So, Vice President of PowerAll Networks Ltd. delivered a speech entitled " Inter-Cloud Eco System" in the HKConnect event held on Nov 15th -16th in Hong Kong.  The event was organized by HKColo, one of the largest IDC operator in Asia to  IDC counterparts to explore co-operation opportunities.  The speech was well received with  enquiries generated.  Gallery

  • 2nd Nov

    President Mr. Steve Hui representing PowerAll Networks Ltd., received “ Data Center Energy Efficiency Award” in “Data Centers China 2012” event organized by Broad Group Computing of Practice Enterprise in Shanghai on Nov. 2nd, 2012. Details

  • 18th Sep

    Power-All Networks Ltd. Was awarded “Inter-Cloud Network achievement Award” and “Inter-Cloud Exchange Centre Architecture Award” in “2012 OCT China High Level Forum” event organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and China Association of Communication Enterprises on Sept 18th, 2012 in Beijing. Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll Networks Ltd., was invited as distinguished speaker and delivered a speech entitled “Inter-Cloud Architecture Technology and Application Practice”and was well received by attendees. Details and Gallery

  • 13th Sep

    Power-All Networks Limited was award-ed “2012 IDC Green Energy Saving Re-commended Product Award” and “2012 IDC Green Energy Saving Recommend-ed Solution Award” in “The Green Data Center Technology Conference – GDCC 2012” event organized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Information Industry Association and the China Data Center Industry Alliance on Sept 13th, 2012 in Beijing.

    Mr. Steve Hui, President of PowerAll was invited as distinguished speaker and delivered a speech entitled “Optimization of Green IDC through Inter-Cloud Computing”. More than 300 IDC professionals attended the event and showed much interest on PowerAll’s Inter-Cloud technologies. Gallery

  • 12th Sep

    Power-All Networks Limited was awarded "Inter- Cloud Architecture Award" and "End-to-End Inter-Cloud Operating System Award” by China Communi-cations Industry Association in the “2012 Information & Communication Technology Conference” on Sept 12th in Shanghai.

    The conference is organized by the China Communications Industry Association, the Cloud Security Alliance and IPV6 Forum Group.Mr. Steve Hui, President of Power-All Networks Ltd. gave a speech entitled "Inter-Cloud Architecture Technology and Application Practice" and was well received by attendees. Gallery

  • 16th Aug

    Mr. Steve Hui, President of Power-All Networks Limited was invited as honorable panelist in the "Exchange Forum on the Hong Kong Data Center Ecosystem" organized by Hong Kong Science Park (Shatin) on August 16th, 2012. Mr. Hui's vision of using Inter-Cloud technology in Data Center Ecosystem to be most environment friendly and have multiplying effects on business returns are much echoed and appreciated by audiences.

  • 6th July

    Qingdao, 6th July, 2012- Today, Power-all networks Ltd, the largest Inter-cloud computing services provider, anno-unced one new honor-“The Outstanding Cloud Computing Solution in 2011-2012” on the 2012 Cloud Computing & Service Forum, which is hold by Data Center Industry Alliance of China and China Cloud Computing and Cloud Services Forum organizing Committee.

    The forum was successfully held and was attended by the government, research institutes, telecom carriers, IDC operators, Cloud computing and Internet companies. Professor Ni Guangnan, Chinese Academy of Engineering, cloud computing experts, and provincial leaders came to our booth, they were quite interested in our products, frequently asked about the products and took personally trial. Gallery

  • 15th Jun

    Mr. Steve Hui, President of Powerall Networks Ltd., invited as special speaker and delivered a speech entitled “ Inter-Cloud Disruptive Impact of Value on Education “ in the “11th OnLine Learning and Teaching Conference” in Hong Kong on June 15, 2012. Educators from Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau were much pleased on the speech.

  • 8th Jun

    PowerAll participated in “IDC Safari” organized by HKColo on June 8th,2012 in Hong Kong. PA was diamond spo-nsor and showed a full line of Inter-Cloud products to include various features of CCP (back up, disaster recover, smart clone, template library), RMOS (Roman Operating System), MyCloud, Follow Me, Agent Portal, World Wide Monitoring & Mining (WWMM), Penta Box (client device). Inter-active with audience showing the poly-lithic OS, ada-ptive control and tag system of RMOS generated much interest. The display illustrated the continuous progress of PowerAll / Foxconn towards the goal of building “Inter-Cloud Eco System” and “Internet is the Computer.” Mr. Steve Hui, President of PA, gave a speech on “The Disruptive Impact Of Inter-Cloud Computing to IDC Cloud Business”. More than 300 IDC professionals attended the event and showed much interest on PowerAll’s Inter-Cloud technologies. Gallery

  • 23rd May

    China’s largest and most influential cloud computing conference (The 4th China Cloud Computing Conference) was held from May 23-25, 2012 in China National Convention Center, Beijing. The conference invited famous experts and scholars from several countries and regions abroad to make a speech so as to drive international cooperation and exchange of cloud computing. Our company as a booth partner, showed a full set of cloud technology products ,  applications and cloud service realization path. Gallery


  • 26th-27th Apr

    Mr.Peter So,Vice President of Power-All Networks Ltd.,delivered a speech on “Inter-Cloud Technology and Applications” in Cloud Syposium in Shenzhen, China on April 26, 2012.  PA also displayed live of various Inter-Cloud features to include one single panel for management of multiple locations and billing, back up, smart clone.  Inter-active with audiences to appreciate the poly-lithic OS, adaptive control, tag system of PA proprietory operating system ( RMOS ),  Follow Me features (computing, data, any screen) over Penta Box were also demonstrated. Gallery

  • April

    Mr. Steve Hui was selected as one of the Global Top 50 Chinese Entrepreur in Science & Technology in an April 2012 publication of the above selected 50 and their unedited interviews. The publisher is China Economic Publishing House of China State Department under the supervision of Ministry of Science & Technology of China, and sponsored by the Research Institute of China Science & Technology Advancement under China Science Management Research Academy. The book was official released in May with initial 10,000 copies printed. [Details]

  • 17th Apr

    PowerAll Networks Ltd. Was awarded “The Best Solution For Data Center in Year 2011-12” and “The Best Product For Data Center in Year 2011-12” in “The Second China Data Center Industry Conference” on April 17th, 2012 held in Beijing, China. Steve’s speech entitled “Disruptive Impact of Inter-Cloud on IDC New Business” was well received by audiences. Gallery

  • 30th Mar

    Power-All participated in the 'Next Generation Information Technology and Standard Symposium" organized by Hong Kong Government Information Technology Office and CyberPort, Hong Kong, on March 30, 2012. Power-All displayed the Inter-Cloud Platform (CCP) and the Penta Box with " My Cloud " Follow Me ( Data / Computing / Any Screen )features. Much interest were generated amongst various Cloud Operators and Application Service Providers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong. NESV, a subsidiary of Power-All Networks Ltd. also participated by presenting its Energy Monitoring Solution with Advitor, a leading point based display Company.

  • 24th Mar

    Power-All Networks Limited attended the first Syposium Of IT Development and Applications for Education organized by Education Bureau of Lok Yan City, Henan, China on March 24, 2012. More than 500 teachers, principles, and bureau chiefs from China, Malaysia, Hong Kong attended. Mr. Peter So, Vice President of PA, shared the technological merits of the first Education Cloud based on Inter-Cloud infrastructure. One single control panel for adm, billing, monitoring and statistical analysis amongst heterogeneous systems, wiki template libary for all users, back up & diaster recovery of data and VMs to ensure data security, easy deployment and system scalability are major features. PA's approach on total Eco system have generated much interested. Teaming with parent company, Foxconn, PA is the only Company that provide total solution to meet user's demand. Gallery

  • 10th -21th Jan

    Power-All Networks joined a conference on 10th-11th Jan, named "The 6th IDC Quan Industry Conference" in the National Conference Center in Beijing. [Details] and Gallery
    Our Chairman -Mr.Steve Hui's interview:

  • 27th -28th Oct

    Power-All joined the HKCONNECT2011 in Hong Kong. A highly recognized cosmopolitan city and an important Hub of Telecommunications in the Asia Pacific. [Details] and Gallery
    Download PDF

  • 21st -23rd Oct

    Being one of sponsor for the Forum between China and US high tech companies, held in Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley, California, and with ex US President Bill Clayton as keynote speaker, PowerAll's Inter-Cloud technology received much recognition with the emerge of network services economy. SVIES Details, News and Gallery

  • 16th-18th Sep

    Power-All joined the China Internation Intelligent Industries Expo 2011 in Beijing. [Details]

  • 14th Sep

    Power-All joined the Shanghai SC36 Internation Conference in Shanghai Guoman Hotel [News] & [Details]

  • 26th July

    PP Ventures Sdn Bhd , The Malaysia INTAN Information & Communication Technology Management Training Center, And we successfully held the 2011 cloud computing technology seminar. The venue was located in Seri Baiduri Convention Center of Kiara, Anshun , On July 26, 2011. Over 350 guests attended the meeting. Our president Steve Hui went to the site, and made a wonderful speech. The extremely rapid development of wireless communication has been recognized by numerous IT companies. In order to make more people know the technology development , this seminar emphasized how to make the mobile professionals focus on the communications and data availability, and demonstrated the outstanding features of the disruptive cloud and the cloud associated, cloud computing technology from our company: the Follow-me data, calculations, and monitoring.Gallery

  • 21st July

    Our Chairman - Steve hui joined the 2nd Cloud Computing Broadcast & Television Usage & Development Seminar on 21st July. [Details] & [PDF]

  • 21st-24th Jun

    Power-All participation in Broadcast Asia in Singapore, June 21st - 24th.
    Power-All unveiled the Penta Box with its cloud / inter-cloud platform working along with Digital Headend system for Cable TV network operator. Demo of The virtual computing, Follow Me Data and Computing, have attracted much attention. Virtual Computing is very cost effective and enable families to have computer facilities with a small monthly payment. Follow Me Data and Computing utilizes the new computing model of : client - mycloud - inter-cloud. It provides data, computing power anywhere and anytime to any devices. Along with PA's inter-cloud linkage, it provides much efficient coverage and resources sharing. The 'Risk Free" model generate much interest from cable and telco operators on PowerAll's leading technology offerings.

  • 12nd - 14th May

    Power-All Joined the “15th China International Software Exhibition” in Beijing. [Details] and Gallery

  • 22nd Mar

    Our Chairman - Steve hui to give a Speech on the China Data Center Industry Conference 2011 in Beijing.
    Power-All received "Data Center Best Solution Award" and "Globle Inter-CLoud Computing Promotion Award" on the conference. Details and Gallery

  • 13rd Jan

    Our Chairman - Steve hui Joined the "the Fifth China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony" [Details]

    - Steve Hui:   Inter-Cloud Architecture andIimplement 
    - The Fifth China IDC Industry Annual Ceremony Opening 
  • 17th-19th Dec

    “2010 China IT Business Expo” was held in China Southern City(CSC),Shenzhen. Foxconn/Power-All Networks participated in the Cloud Computing Forum as a speaker guest. Power-All Networks Ltd. CEO Mr. Steve Hui presented the new computing mode of “ Client-MyCloud- InterCloud”, discuss the approach for the Inter-Cloud technology in e-commerce application.

  • 15th Nov

    New set of Cloud Server has been released. New APIs list:
    - Price enquiry of extra parts.
    - Subscribe extra resources such as CPU/RAM/Disk
    - Terminate subscribed extra resources
    - Query subscribed extra resources
    - Enhanced IDC enquiry API
    - Enhanced server enquiry API
    - Attach SASP-M to VM
    - Detach SASP-M from VM

    Detailed developer guide can be downloaded from: Here

  • 28th OCt

    Our Chairman - Steve Hui Joined the “Cloud Computing and Software Park Application Prosemiar” in Kunming Yunnan. Gallery

  • 28th-29th Oct

    Mr. Peter So, Executive Vice President, was the guest speaker in HKConnect Conference in October 28-29, 2010. As Foxconn being an investment partner, PowerAll "Inter-Cloud" technology are widely used by various Foxconn's cloud computing convergent devices. Inter-Cloud is the way to do convergence as the current cloud are either stand alone cloud or non compatible. New computing model of My Cloud, Agent, Inter-Cloud is presented. Demonstration of "My Cloud" was done to illustrate the roaming of computing power, data and application and "Follow Me" concept.

  • 24th Aug

    Power-All Joined the 6th “Digital Media Summit”. The conference is hosted by BIRTV Organizing Committee,《Broadcasting》magzine of The State Administration for Radio, Film and TV. Gallery

  • 15th July

    PowerAll participation on July 15th for the first Cloud Computing Forum for Broadcast Industry in Beijing. It is the first forum organized by the Research Institute of Government Bureau of Broadcast, TV, Film for Cloud Computing technology and applications in Broadcast Industry. It is widely attended by various Broadcasters throughout China. Cloud Computing technology is recognized to have much contribution and applications for the Broadcast industry. Gallery

    Topic: Dynamic IPTV in Inter-Cloud.

  • 08th July

    Power-All Joined Hangzhou Cloud Computing Conference. [Details]

  • 25th Jun

    7 new cloud server APIs have been released. [Learn More]

  • 21st May - 22nd May

    Power-All Joined the 2nd Cloud Computing Conference in Beijing. Gallery

  • 1st May

    Steve hui interviewed by "Programmer" talked DNA Cloud Computing. [Details]

  • 23rd Apr

    New cloud center in Taipei in production now.

  • 22th Apr

    Power-All Joined the Hangzhou IDC meeting, a large inter Meeting of China Unicom. [Details]
    Interview:Mr. Steve Hui, Chairman and Co-founder for Power-All Limited

  • 14th Apr

    Cloud computing making headway in Thailand. Joint-programme aims to groom Thai software developers to work in the Internet-based computing environment. Details

  • 16th Mar

    Cloud Server API released. Customer now can integrate cloud server into third party application easily by using simple RESTFul API. Detailed developer guide can be downloaded from Here

  • 25th Jan

    Our Chairman - Steve hui interviewed by Communication World-Weekly Magazine 《通迅世界》
    talk about Power-All Cloud Computing and the 3rd SaaS Cloud Computing Conference in China.

  • 22th Jan

    Mr. Hui invited to join the Year 2010 China 3rd SaaS Cloud Computing Conference. [Details]

  • 10th Nov

    Our Chairman - Steve hui interviewed by Communication World-Weekly Magazine 《通迅世界》
    talk about Power-All Cloud Computing.
    Communication World Weekly - Article
    Communication World Weekly - Images Gallery

  • 26th July

    CEBU PPT Media Ceremony ( Plenary hall )
    PPT Media - Images Gallery
    PPT Media - Video Gallery

  • 27th July

    Phillippine on the launching of PowerAll's WWC (World Wide Cloud) and Phillippine Initiative

  • 25th May

    New cloud center Sapura in Malaysia in production now

  • 1st Mar

    Windows Cloud Server service in production now

  • 15th Feb

    New cloud center Asiatone in Hong Kong in production now

  • 1st Feb

    Linux Cloud Server service in production now

  • 18th Aug

    Aspen VPS starts Public Beta on 18th - August

  • 18th Aug

    Aspen Cloud Storage starts Public Beta on 18th - August

  • 1st July

    Aspen Cloud Storage Alpha test started

  • 1st June

    Power-All deployed first cloud storage center in Hong Kong